This session was the most gorgeous session at the always beautiful Marmalade Lily in Maineville, OH! Katy and Ben were both just radiating happiness and excitement to meet their little one on the way. The lightinggggg was everything we could have asked for and more. All the sun flare goodness. :) Early morning sessions definitely have my heart!

Katy and Ben met at EKU through a mutual friend. Both are Cincy born and raised, and share a love for OSU football, and skyline chili. (IYKYK) :) When planning their session, we chose the Marmalade Lily thanks to their love of southern/farmhouse style. Notice they are both totally rocking the cowboy boots. LOVE!

The gender of baby is going to be a surprise! Props to these sweet humans for being able to wait a whole 40 weeks to find out that information. Not all of us are so patient in that arena (aka me haha). I cannot wait to meet this sweet babe. You are already so loved. Congrats to your sweet, growing family you two!

Check out a few of my faves from their session here!