Get to know me

Hi guys! Happy Tuesday!

One of my favorite things about photography sessions is getting to know my clients. I love hearing everyone’s story, and being able to be a small part of capturing a glimpse of that story.

SO, I figured I should share a little bit about myself too! Here ya go!

🌿 I was born and raised in Cincinnati. And grew up as a country girl.

🌿 My husband, family and best friends call me Kate.

🌿I have lived in 3 different states (Ohio, California, Nevada).

🌿I have started multiple businesses (Etsy shop, clothing boutique, interior design business, e-learning business).

🌿I’m a twin and one of three girls. My sisters are my best friends.

🌿My faith is super important to me and I’m always trying to be as intentional as I can.

🌿I’m a mom of 2 amazing babes (a girl and a boy).

🌿I married my college sweetheart and am still just as crazy about him as I was then.

🌿I’m a runner and ran in college (part of it).

🌿I was once a Nike model for a running campaign.

🌿I’m an aspiring cook 😂 but for real I wish I was a professional chef.

🌿I’m an enneagram 7.

🌿Closely followed by a 2.

🌿I value friends and family more than anything.

🌿I love country music and country concerts.

🌿I love playing euchre and will take on any challengers.

🌿I love ipas and red wine.

🌿I fall for PSLs every year (see what I did there).

🌿I could eat pizza every day.

🌿Or mashed potatoes.

🌿I have a small shopping addiction (oops).

🌿I love traveling and have been to 34 out of the 50 states.

🌿I shoot my photography sessions with a canon 5d Mark IV.

🌿I love the editing process (I know a lot of photographers don’t).

🌿I’m a big-time animal person, and I absolutely love going to the zoo.

🌿I have a 100 pound black lab that I think is part human.

🌿I love going to any beach or lake and hope to have a lake house one day.

🌿I’m an huge reds fan and love going to the games.

🌿Target is my happy place.

🌿I love interior design and am constantly coming up with design projects for my house.

🌿I believe there is no better sound than baby laughs and bare feet running through the house.

🌿I love the smell of bonfires, rain, freshly cut grass, coffee, the ocean, sunscreen and coconut because it reminds me of the beach.

🌿I can play the piano.

🌿I wish I could play the guitar and want to learn someday!

🌿I remember numbers like to a weird level.

🌿I have a photographic memory.

🌿My favorite channel is HGTV.

🌿My favorite show ever is Gilmore girls.

🌿My favorite movie is Runaway Bride.

🌿I absolutely love photography and it is literally my dream job.

With that being said, THANK YOU for being here and helping me to do what I love. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you are looking for a photographer!


Katie Wilson